Comic Market Japan 96 (Summer 2019)

On August 12, our representative and watchmaker Kouhei Yanai, under the name of キヲク舎 (memory inn), will be participating on Japan’s most popular and biggest events for otakus all over the world “Summer Comic Market” for the very first time!

The booth is 月南ト24b. Feel free to visit our store in Shinjuku, as well as dropping a greeting to Mr. Yanai! 


A STORY TOKYO is also currently hiring sales staff. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested working with unique handmade watches.

Few of the main tasks done by the sales staff are: reception, sales, and online stores management. 

Aside from sales, we are also hiring production staff, who will be in charge of producing handmade watches. 

Staff who are willing to commute to Shinjuku, and work for a long time are much appreciated. We also take priorities on English and Chinese speakers (you must have business to native level of Japanese skills.)

Kindly send your resume on our e-mail address:

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