Chrono Canvas Art Watch "Harmonizing" by Shingo Nozao × A STORY TOKYO

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クロノキャンバス アート腕時計「あうん Harmonizing」書家 Shingo Nozao 野竿 進悟×A STORY TOKYO LL-37mm



18歳の頃から、書道界での活動を開始。2005年からオーストラリアへ渡豪。エンターテイメントビザを取得し、小・中学校を約80校を訪問。書道のパフォーマンス・ワークショップを行う。2006年 メルボルン日本国総領事館にて、野竿進悟展を開催。現在は東京に拠点を移し、書パフォーマンスグループ「墨蜂」を結成。同時に、書道教室も開校。国内問わず活躍をしています。

Chrono Canvas Art Watch "Harmonizing" by Shingo Nozao

Shingo Nozao is a Japanese calligrapher who started his career at his age of eighteen. He moved to Australia in 2005 by getting the entertainment visa and visited over 80 primary and junior high schools to teach Japanese calligraphy. He has also participated to many performances and workshops that include Japanese calligraphy. In 2006, he was invited to exhibit his work at Japanese Consulate General in Melbourne. He is now moved to Tokyo and set up a Japanese calligrapher group "墨蜂Sumibachi". He has also opened Japanese calligraphy school.

仕様 Specification

画材 Material : 墨 Ink
Chrono Canvas Art Watch is a handmade watch that uses the dial made by illustrators and artists. The watch is one of a kind. There maybe a cancellation of your order if the watch is sold at our shop.
The watch hands are made of pure brass (gold).
保証 Guarantee:1年間 One year
文字盤サイズ Size:37mm
絵 Illustration:野竿 進悟 Shingo Nozao
ムーブメント Movement:日本製 SEIKO Quartz
機能 Function:非防水 Non-waterproof



Chrono Canvas Art Watch "Harmonizing" by Shingo Nozao × A STORY TOKYO
Chrono Canvas Art Watch "Harmonizing" by Shingo Nozao × A STORY TOKYO